“I want to thank you again for your help during my job search. I appreciated the time you spent with me. I was able to negotiate 10% more base salary than the original offer.”

S.W., Phoenix

“George Fleming has been professional counselor to me for almost 15 years. He has been a steadfast and enthusiastic consultant for many other professionals like myself looking for that special edge to drive their career or business to the next level. He has provided that balanced, critical viewpoint needed to see an alternate solution or breakthrough for each challenge.”

P.C., Scottsdale

“George Fleming was an outstanding and I mean OUTSTANDING resource for me. He took a proprietary interest in my search and was very helpful in the context of guidance and counsel.”

J.C., Mesa

I wanted to tell you how valuable your negotiating class was. I come from a very humble background and mindset, and as the offer was extremely fair in terms of base pay, my natural inclination would have been to accept it at face value. I was able to negotiate an additional three days off over Christmas this year, as well as a $5K sign-on bonus. Your class armed me with the knowledge and skills I needed to have the confidence to pursue those elements of the offer, and I know that I never would have done so otherwise. Consider me a “poster child” for your future class advertisements, and rest assured that I will refer others to it whenever possible.

L.E., Tempe

“This month I am an active candidate for 5 different opportunities, and two of them are senior/executive level jobs that would have never crossed my path without your help and encouragement!”

F.D., Glendale

“Your workshop on Wednesday was terrific! I learned a lot and it gave me a real confidence boost.”

M.W., Scottsdale

“I want to thank you for your assistance and support during my job search. Your upbeat and enthusiastic approach is both effective and contagious. What initially impressed me is the amount of volunteer effort you put forth to the community and your positive attitude toward everyone you work with.”

O.W., Phoenix

“George is the perfect guide for anyone seeking career change or exploring self employment. Most advisors offer a set of quest guidelines, a majority steer you toward opportunity, a few enhance your network. In my experience there is only one who listens to individual clients and offers all the above plus objective and subjective insight and encouragement to help you land the ideal match.”

S.F., Phoenix

“George was my career coach after I recently moved. He listened to my thoughts and helped me arrive at the critical considerations. He asks stimulating questions. He has wonderful resources, from interviewing questions to salary negotiations, to professionals willing to share ideas. George made a significant difference in my job search. I will continue to tap George through out my career.”

P.G., Scottsdale

George was the catalyst that provided me the inspiration and gave my job search the momentum it needed to shift into high gear! He guided my efforts to focus my search, provided tremendous tools to support my networking & self-marketing efforts, and connected me with a team of peers who encouraged me every step of the way. He is absolutely committed to the success of his clients.”

H.G., Scottsdale

“George is a consummate professional, and an expert in crafting an effective and dynamic career transition strategy. If your search is “stuck”, join one of the Weekly Strategy Teams that George facilitates, and put your job hunt in high gear!”

B.K., Phoenix

“I have had the wonderful experience of working with George while in my career transition. I have found George to be an honest individual with a compassion for helping people through their career transition. I find George to be straightforward, encouraging, supportive, and knowledgeable as a career consultant.”

R.A., Glendale

“The quality and success of my transition correlates directly with the superb personal and professional assistance received from you.”

E. L., Gilbert

“George was one of the best [facilitators] many of us have seen. I could not be more profuse in my praise.”

M. D., Phoenix