Progress Coaching

– Weekly Strategy Teams –

You have a solid resume.

You’ve answered a lot of ads.

You’ve talked to some recruiters

And nothing is happening. No job offers, No interviews, Not even a phone call.

Now what??

Join a Weekly Strategy Team. You’ll be a member of a 5-7 person team of job seekers meeting two hours each week to discuss:

Job seeking skills and strategies

The current job market itself and how to succeed in it

Your job search and the challenges you face

Previous Team members have gained:

  • Increased activity levels and results – more accomplished each week by using our unique system, This Week Counts!
  • Dramatic improvement from activities outside their comfort zones – the things that need to be done, even though they may want to avoid them
  • Improved focus through the use of a marketing plan
  • Creative strategic and tactical thinking – developing an approach to get them in front of decision makers

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