Process Coaching

Resume Writing and Your Exit Statement

  • Does your resume communicate your value…or just your history?
  • The true role of the resume, and how to keep yours out of the “no” pile
  • What interviewers are listening for when they ask you, “Why did you leave your last job?”
  • Increased activity levels and results – more accomplished each week by using our unique system, This Week Counts!

Networking and Your Most Important Networking Tool

  • ” I can help you network, if I could only understand what you’re looking for.”
  • What is the hidden job market, and how do you get to it?
  • What do you say to trigger a networking meeting?
  • How do you conduct a great networking meeting?
  • Why do you need a ‘Networking Document”?


  • The “audition” model vs. the “dialogue” model
  • Your 2 main goals in an interview
  • The questions you ask can make you stand out – like an A-candidate or a sore thumb
  • How to keep your foot out of your mouth
  • Use your “Career Narrative” to make your skills and growth obvious.

Negotiating a Job Offer

  • What is the advantage of negotiating?
  • What happens when you don’t analyze a job offer?
  • The non-adversarial negotiating model
  • The 29 possible components of a compensation package
  • How to deal with multiple offers

References and Cover Letters

  • Tactics and techniques your competition is not using
  • Making a cover letter “sell” you into an interview
  • Using your references as a marketing tool

Your Marketing Plan and Players in the Job Search Process

  • Understand your “activity profile”
  • Develop a fluid marketing plan
  • Recruiters – You have 15 seconds. What do you say?
  • Resources you should be using in your search